Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Confession: Mom Valentine's Fail

Every year, the girls and I create our own Valentines for them to give out to their classes. It usually involves me letting go of the perfectionist in me, helping them cut our hearts, letting them write their names and put stickers on everything.

This year, with the addition to Pintrest in my life, I was bubbling over with ideas I stole borrowed from other blogs. I mean, how cute are these ideas?

(Click on each picture to visit the blogs of these AMAZING moms!)

This weekend, I took the girls to Walmart with me to get our goods for our Valentine's. As we skimmed past the "store bought" valentine isle, Emma said, "Oh mom! I really just want to give out these 'Twisted Whiskers' cards to my friends." I stopped dead in my tracks. Slowly, I looked at her and said (through gritted teeth), "You want to give your friends these cards instead of the pencil idea?" She grinned and said, "Yep! I love these cards."

Then, a mutiny began. Emma wanted "Twisted Whisker" cards. Hannah saw some "Kitty and Doggy" cards she just couldn't live without. My last hope was Catherine. She wasn't begging for any cards, so I tried to keep her eyes on me and get off that isle. But, there they were...on end cap...right as we turned the corner: TANGLED VALENTINE'S. It was over. The battle was lost. Catherine drooled over them and I gave in.

So, Sunday night, we sat at the table writing each child's name on their store bought valentine's while all dreams of homemade cards went up in flames.

Note to self: Next year, avoid Walmart the entire month of February.

Oh yeah! HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! (At least they haven't boycotted the coordinating holiday shirts and hair bows!)


Tara Gibson said...

hahah, this made me laugh!sweet girls : ) love ya

Kelly's Avenue said...

The girls looks so cute in their shirts