Friday, March 9, 2012

"Go Fish"

Monday, the entire 2nd Grade at Emma's school put on a performance called "Go Fish". It was a cute little play and Emma was a sea horse. Her music teacher asked that the sea horses dress like cowboys and girls and ride stick horses.

(You will notice that Emma did not have a stick horse on stage. She had one, but during both performances failed to bring it on stage with her. OOPS!)

Emma had several speaking parts and did very well. She is not a fan of public speaking and said she was "SUPER nervous and sweating" before her part. :) But, she had quite the fan club there to cheer her on and we could not have been more proud of her!

Thanks, Honey, Daddy Brooks, Uncle Jon, Aunt Nicole and Grammy for coming to clap for our girl!

Emma is to the left of the Angel Fish.

Here is one of her speaking parts.


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