Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Breakin' It

It's Thursday and here I am with our "weekend" update. (I am going to get on top of posting...promise!). So, let's rewind to last week, shall we?

Last Thursday night, my friends and I were finally able to get together for my birthday dinner. We ate at my favorite Mexican Restaurant and Rachel ordered me a sombrero birthday cake! We had so much fun relaxing and laughing the night away.

Friday, Travis and I were off work to enjoy a little Spring Break with the girls. We took them to Crystal Bridges Friday morning. It was rainy and dreary outside, so the perfect thing for us to enjoy together. Let me say, the place is amazing. The art is gorgeous and the architecture is breath-taking. The girls did very well and enjoyed themselves. Catherine got a little antsy at the end, so we had to rush through the last few rooms.

After that, we ate lunch and went to a movie. At home, it was STILL raining, so we decided to build a tent in the living room. The girls had fun hiding out in there, playing games and building their "club". Gus watched from his favorite spot and seemed a little confused on what was going on!

Saturday, the weather was sunny and warm! We went fishing with Travis. I caught the only fish of the day.

After fishing, we went home and soaked up the sun. Travis grilled burgers and jumped on the trampoline with the girls. We played with Gus and just enjoyed spring!

Sunday was our typical Sunday. Church. Naps. Getting Ready for the week.

Now...since I am a blog SLACKER...I need to say: Tuesday Travis and I celebrated our EIGHTH wedding anniversary! Time has flown and I can't imagine anyone else I would rather do life with. I love this man!

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Anonymous said...

Look like your had a good week! Happy Belated Birthday and Happy Anniversary!!!