Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Birthday Weekend

How can it be Wednesday and I am just now getting around to posting about our weekend? ( was my birthday weekend at that!?) Let's get to it, shall we?

Friday night, Emma had the "Leap-In" at her school. Basically, the kids stayed after school until 9 that night. They played games, ate dinner and ended the night with a movie. It was so the parents could enjoy a nice dinner without their kiddos. (Too bad they wouldn't keep my other two crazies!). Emma had SO much fun and hopes there is another one soon!

While Emma was at her party, Travis, the little girls and I went to dinner. It was low-key and fun with just the two of them. Catherine had a ice cream mustache and looked just like one of those "Got Milk?" ads. Too funny!

Saturday, we hung around the house that morning. Then, the girls and I enjoyed an early birthday lunch with a few friends. (Everyone else was out of town. Boo! But, we will make up for it soon!)

After lunch, Travis got home from work and took the girls fishing while I enjoyed a peaceful afternoon getting a much needed hair cut and brow wax.

While I was there, he sent me this picture of Catherine. Don't worry, that's a smile on her face!

Saturday night, Travis and I talked about getting a baby sitter and going to dinner and a movie. But, I opted for dinner cooked by him and a movie at home. So, he cooked us steak, baked potatoes and a salad. Then, we watched "The Help".

(If you haven't seen it, girl or guy, it's a must watch! I read the book first and loved the movie just as much. Even Travis, who was skeptical at first, really liked the movie.)

Sunday...MY BIRTHDAY! I got so many wonderful texts and emails from friends and family. But, this card from my grandparents really made my day. (I mean...who doesn't love to hear that they hung the moon!?)

We went to church Sunday morning and then, we waiting with anxiety for Honey and Daddy Brooks to get here! We played with them and they took us to dinner at Carraba's. It was so yummy and we loved getting to see them!

(They really came for Emma's play that was Monday...luckily, my birthday was the day before! More on the play later!)

I have been spoiled rotten on my birthday and am blessed beyond belief!

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