Friday, March 30, 2012

"G" = Gus Gets Gum

So, our wildest "child" of the house award goes to....


We love this little guy and I thought I would share an update of the things that he does now.
  • He will play fetch as long as you can throw the ball.
  • During the day, he is gated in our laundry room with a doggie door out to the back yard.
  • While we are gone, he empties the laundry hamper and drags as many dirty clothes as he can get out to the back yard. (I have since closed the hamper up denying him access.)
  • Since he can not get to the dirty clothes, he will drag his huge dog bed thru the doggie door.
  • He loves the girls and plays with each of them differently. He is super gentle with Catherine and slathers her face with kisses. He stays calm with Hannah because she will have nothing to do with him when he is hyper. Gus's favorite thing to do with Emma is chase her and stand in the center of her bed while she is trying to make it in the morning.
  • No matter if we are gone for 5 minutes or 5 hours, the second we walk in the door, Gus greets us with a wagging tail, smile and lots of loving! Nothing is better than that!
  • Gus LOVES our trampoline. When we are playing outside, he gets on their with the girls. Sometimes, when we get home, we find him running around playing on there.

I am sure you are wondering why this post is titled "G=Gus Gets Gum", right? Well, I will tell you.

One day, we were all playing in Travis and I's bedroom. All of the girls had gum and one of them dropped their chewed gum on the bed (don't ask.). Gus ran over there and started chewing it. He kept dropping it, so I grabbed it and got it on video. IT'S HILARIOUS!

(Don't worry. We didn't let him swallow it and took it from him shortly after this video ended.)

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