Friday, November 16, 2012

Fall Pictures by Faith Ames

Every year, we do family pictures in the fall and pictures of the girls in the spring/summer. This year, we missed the spring/summer pictures. And, Travis asked that we do family pictures in the spring/summer rather than the fall, so he doesn't have a beard every year.

(I told him to shave...but that went over like a lead balloon.)

This fall, we planned on doing pictures of just the girls. It was much easier on me to just plan their outfits and not have to plan for Travis and I. (Mainly Travis...he's a pain when it comes to clothes!)

But, at the end of the session, I was really regreting not being in the pictures with the girls. So, I hopped in one of the very last pictures that Faith took and she got this:

(Travis didn't want to get in it because he "had hat head")

This could be my all time favorite picture of the girls and I. black and white, you can't tell I didn't coordinate! :)

Now, you will have to wait  until Christmas cards go out to see the rest.

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