Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012: Dallas Trip

Our Thanksgiving fun continued with a girls trip to Dallas on Friday. We got up and headed out of town about 10am. My mom told my dad all she wanted for her birthday (which is December 1st) was a trip with the girls of the family to Dallas. (Unfortunately, Nicole couldn't come because she had other family things going on).

We got to Dallas and checked into our hotel. We stayed at the Westin that is attached to the galleria. So, we parked the car and never used it again until Sunday! Our room had an American Doll bed for the girls' dolls.

After a little shopping,  we went to dinner at Mi Cocina and let the girls ice skate. Catherine decided she didn't want to, so we just watched "the sisters" skate and fall.

Hannah would get going and laugh. The laughing would make her fall. The falling would make her laugh was a vicious cycle. Emma was a little leery at first, but she actually caught on and did really great for her first time. They both loved it!

After that, we were exhausted. So, we headed back to our room to get ready for bed. What fun is a hotel stay without new matching PJs?

Saturday, we slept until about 8:30, which is late for my girls. We got ready and headed to breakfast. Catherine walked into a glass wall that she thought was the doorway. It was hilarious and the highlight of breakfast!

(Notice a trend...we are pretty clumsy in our family!)

Saturday, we shopped until we dropped. The girls had a blast shopping and were SO good. We took a late nap and got ready for dinner. This was THE night...the night the girls had been so patiently waiting for. We went to dinner at the American Girl Bistro!

The girls had so much fun laughing and "feeding" their dolls. Then, we went downstairs and browsed the store. The girls picked out one outfit for their dolls and completely over-hauled their Christmas lists to include American Girl things.

Then, it was back to the hotel room to get ready for bed...and another set of new matching PJs!

We had so much fun and decided we should make it an annual trip!

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Jen said...

While I definitely DON'T want to rush through the toddler and little girl stages, I'm SOOOO excited for fun trips like this when my girls are just a bit older. Looks fabulous!!! :)