Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekend Wrap- Up: Hot Springs Style

How has another weekend come and gone!? SLOW DOWN LIFE!

Since it has, it's time for another "Weekend Wrap-Up".

This weekend, since Travis was hunting, the girls and I loaded up and headed to Hot Springs.

Let me side track to tell you a funny Catherine story, (well, funny if you're not me). we stopped half way there to go to the bathroom. While we were in there this happened:

Catherine: Mommy! You're bottom is SO big!
Me: (mouth hanging open staring)
(Back in car)
Me: Catherine, tell your sister what you said to me in the bathroom.
Catherine: Grrr! (that's the sign she's ignoring you)
Catherine: I'm not your friend.
Me: So, you're not friend, huh? Is it because my bottom is too big?
Catherine: (exasperated by the "dumb" question) Yep.

So, we arrived in Hot Springs and met my parents at KJs (per the usual Friday night routine) for dinner. After dinner, we watched TV and played at their house. My girls LOVE when my dad picks them up and flies/throws/swings them around.

Saturday, mom and I went to Holiday House in Little Rock. It was so much fun Christmas shopping and having some uninterrupted time with my mom. While we were gone, my dad took the girls bowling, to Chic-Fil-A for lunch and to play in their play place. When we got back, they were all resting. (Shame on Daddy Brooks for not taking the camera like I demanded asked him to).

Saturday night, we ordered pizza in and played with the girls. Chaos tends to find its way when the girls start playing with the grandparents. Photo-bombing is my dad's new favorite thing. The girls found a spiderman mask. Honey became a flying nun (?). Good times!

Sunday, we got up early and went to visit with my grandparents. The girls love going to see them, and not just for their ice cream! :) After a nice visit with them, we loaded up and headed to Ft. Smith to enjoy a rainy lunch with Jon and Nicole.

I love weekends full of family! Bring on the holidays!

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