Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Happy Birthday, Emma!

Life has completely gotten away from me these days...or at least blogging about it has. So, in hopes of catching up on all the SUPER fun things we have been doing lately, I am going to be blogging several times this week! YAY!

First up, Emma's 9th birthday. Wow...how did my first baby, the little bit who made my dreams of being a Mommy come true, turn 9 on May 15th? It's insane how quickly she has gone from a tiny  baby to this funny, smart, caring, beautiful young lady. (tear)

Keeping with family tradition, we had a little party with the 5 of us on her actual birthday. The girls had a super busy night with dance and softball, but we managed to all sit down for dinner, cake and gifts to celebrate this sweet girl.

Saturday, we had her party with her friends. She wanted to do a bowling party at Fast Lanes. They had so much fun! The girls bowled, ate pizza, ate birthday cake and bowled some more. By the time that the party was over, my three girls were ready for a nap! It was such a fun day!


Side note: Travis and I have really been trying to explain to the girls about having "giving hearts" and how important it is to be thankful for the abundance of blessings they have been giving and passing those blessings on. This year, instead of gifts, Emma wanted to "give her presents away". So, after talked for a while, we decided to have each of her friends bring their favorite book for Emma to donate to the Children's Hospital, since she loves to read so much.

I am so proud of this wild and crazy girl! And, yes...she gets most of this from me... :)

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