Thursday, May 2, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up: Spring Cleaning

Wow, it's Thursday and I am just now posting the weekend wrap up...just call me a slacker! :) If you could see my planner, I wouldn't even have to is CRAZY.

Anyway. Thursday evening, Travis left to go turkey hunt for the weekend.

(What? Your weekend doesn't start on Thursday? Mine either, but Travis says "It's a perk of being a business owner...the only one!" ha!)

Friday, I picked the girls up from school and by the time we got home, Honey was waiting for us! The girls were over the moon excited and I may or may not have squealed with excitement. Friday night, we got Mexican food and ice cream, then spent the rest of the night "in".

Saturday morning, we got up and started the big chore. My mom helped me clean out and organize my kitchen cabinets. I have been dying to tackle that chore, but just have NOT had the motivation to get started. We got it done. (I will not tell you the amount of stuff we tossed or donated...ridiculous!) After that, we decided to go shop. I need a couple of things for the kitchen and we decided to do some redecorating.

The girls, my mom and I spent the day shopping. We had so much fun. Even the girls had a blast, (its in their genes!). We ate dinner at Joes on our way home and then started getting the new decor up...which happened to include this amazing red chest from HomeGoods. Here are some after pictures of what we did ( before...I forgot!).

Sunday morning, my mom went home because she hadn't seen my dad in a week as he had been traveling. So, the girls and I went to church. Travis got home around noon and we spent the rest of the afternoon playing outside. (Catherine spent a little time in time-out for trying to throw softballs at her sister.)

And that, my friends, was our weekend!

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