Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up: 5K & Mother's Day

Hello! What a wonderful, low-key weekend we had at our house. Let's get to the details, shall we?

For the past few months, Emma has been participating in "Girls On The Run" at her school. This is basically a running club, but it incorporates building each other up and being confident. It's been a great program and I am so glad that Emma decided to participate.

In addition the fun activities that they do twice a week at their meetings, they also trained for a 5K. Friday evening was the big race. Emma was a little nervous, (and, I'll have to admit...I was too!) But, she got there and found her group. Emma did great and I cannot believe she ran her first 5K at 8 years old! She even said she wants to do it again in the fall! (I cannot begin to fathom that I might have a little runner on my hands! If you know me...it not my genes!)


Saturday, Travis, Emma and Hannah went fishing. They had a great time! Catherine and I slept in. I actually woke up with her in my bed playing her DS without her PJs on.

(She ALWAYS takes her pajamas off as soon as she gets up...not sure what the deal is there. But, at least she isn't throwing them in the toilet like she used to a year or so ago!)

Later, we went to buy dance recital tickets and ran some errands. We came home and took a little nap until everyone else got home. Then, we spent the evening playing outside and enjoying the weather.

Sunday, MOTHER'S DAY! We got up and went to church. Before church, Travis was trying to take my picture with the girls. Catherine was mad at me because I couldn't find her sunglasses (not sure why that was MY fault) and wouldn't take a picture with us. So, I took one with the big girls while she was pouting and then forced her to get in the picture. This is real life, people...and it ain't always pretty!

Then, we had lunch at Tara's house. The kids played outside and we sat on the patio soaking up the sun. Later that evening, Travis's mom came over and we spent the evening outside.

This mother's day was full of emotions. On Mother's Day a year ago, I had my accident. Even though it brings back so many bad memories, I am also so grateful to celebrate another Mother's Day with all the blessings I have in my life!

I am especially thankful for my mom. She's always been a rockstar mom, but my goodness she earned the mother of the year award over this past year. I am not sure everyone can completely understand what she did for my little family while I was hurt. Not only was she at the hospital as much as possible, but she also helped Travis with the girls so much. She helped him keep up with their schedules and kept the laundry done. She was ALWAYS willing to leave the hospital and go be with the girls so Travis could be there with me. I cannot imagine how hard it was for her to leave her baby (me) at the hospital, but she did it so willingly to make sure Travis was able to be by my side and my girls were taken care of. My mom is always there. We talk all the time. She's always willing to listen...even if I am complaining about something silly, telling a story about one of the girls that's only funny to me or asking for advice. My mom will come visit for the weekend just to help me catch up on house work. She's always willing to fold our socks (and God bless her for that!). There is so much more that she has done/does for us...but most of all, she's my best friend and I love her!

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