Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Slippin' and Slidin'

We recently tore out the carpet in our house and Travis installed hardwood flooring. It looks SO pretty and we all love it...well, everyone except Gus.

He had a rude awakening when he first came barrelling through the house. I like to think if he could talk it would have gone something like this. "EMMA! HANNAH! CATHERINE! HEEEEYYYY GUYS!!....WHOOOOAAAA...CAN.NOT.STOP!" BANG! (as he slides into the nearest wall)

But, he has gotten much better at taking it a little slower most of the time. Unless he is playing his favorite game, which is wrestling with Travis.

Let me back up--Gus has always like to play a little rougher with Travis than the rest of us. Most nights after the girls are in bed, Travis and Gus play in the living room floor until the are both laying in the floor panting. A few months ago, Travis was wrestling around with the girls and Emma squealed. Gus made a mad dash over there, grabbed the bottom of his pants and starting tugging with all of his might.

(We all told him good boy, because he thought he was protecting Emma.)

So, since then, all I have to say is "get him" and Gus will immediately attack Travis. (Don't worry, it is all playful.) The other night, I set Gus on a Travis attack and this is what happened:

If that wasn't enough humor for your viewing pleasure, here is what happens when Gus forgets the wood provides a little less traction:

Oh Gussy-Boy! We just love him!

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