Saturday, July 25, 2009

Catherine Grace has made her debut!

Catherine Grace was born yesterday morning at 7:58 am. She weighed 7'9 and was 20 inches long (smallest in of the three girls).

She is so perfect and so sweet. However, last night, we determined that she has got quite the little temper on her!

Emma and Hannah are so proud and keep asking "When can I take MY baby home?". Travis is over the moon and so protective over her. You would think by the third one he would be a little chill..

I cannot get my pictures to upload from the hospital wifi. I will post more later (and yes, I am doing GREAT! I have already showered, put my jewelry on and MAKE UP!).

**Molly, I will send you one via email! :)


The Stearns Family said...

Congratulations!! I can't wait to meet Catherine. Just noticed I have been spelling her name with a K! We will visit very soon!

Molly said...

I'm so glad you guys are doing great and will look for my picture.

Sarah Fries said...

Girl, make-up on in the hospital! You are doing great! Can't wait to see pictures!