Thursday, July 23, 2009

One Last Project...

Talk about down to the wire!

Travis and I have been working on my bathroom project since about October ( heard me right). The conversation to start it went like this:

Me: Trav, let's tear all that ugly tile off the bathroom wall, texture and paint it.

Travis: That's a big job, Boni and I really think that's not a good idea. I am too busy to work on that for you

Me: WHAT!? Like I need you to do it for me. Just take the tile off and I will do EVERYTHING else...I can handle it.

Travis: I really think that's a big job, Boni.

Me: Please...I hate this bathroom. It will be so easy and I will do it myself...PROMISE!

Travis: Fine.

So, it began. He tore the tile off...I textured (one wall) and he did the rest! Needless to say, he will not let ME convince him that I can do anything construction-y myself!

Here are the before pictures: Try to contain your laughter!



So, the day before our new sweet baby arrived, we finished up our (read: MY) little project.

If you are wondering who made that BEAUTIFUL arrangement on the counter, just ask Cassidie! Thanks, Cass! You're the best!

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Molly said...

It looks great, Boni!! Can Travis come to my house for a few days?! I'll be praying for you tomorrow morning, I'm sure everything will go great. Can't wait to see pics of sweet Catherine.