Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Family Update

I just wanted to give an update on how things are going around the Williamson household these days.

We came home on Saturday and things were ok that night. Sunday night...DISASTROUS! Catherine was starving and wouldn't sleep at all. I had a break down. Travis was pacing. It was no fun.

But, we have the kinks worked out and everything is falling into place. My mom has been here since Catherine arrived and she has cooked and cleaned for us. She has also taken the big girls to do fun things to get them out of the house. So, Monday, she came over and let me catch a two hour nap. I have never felt more revived as I did after that. I was ready to tackle cranky Catherine again!

Monday afternoon, Catherine had a follow up appointment. When we left the hospital, she had a heart murmur and was a little jaundice. Dr. Lovell assured us that all that was cleared up and she looked "perfect".

He also mentioned that she is getting two teeth. read that right...TWO teeth. (Heaven forbid she be out done by Emma's one tooth). One in every twenty thousand births have a tooth or get one within the first month. Two out of three of my children have accomplished we are totally beating the odds around here!

Tuesday, my mom came and picked up Emma and Hannah to go spend the rest of the week at her house. She was off for the week and so was Daddy Brooks. They took the girls to the movies Tuesday evening and then back to the house for swim time!

I talked to the girls this morning and they are headed to Magic Springs today. I asked them if I could go and they told me NO! I miss them like crazy, but know they are having SO MUCH FUN!

Catherine and I are working on getting her on her schedule so I can function when the girls get home on Friday. It's going well. I even got a shower today before Travis got home. Cassidie and Lauren brought me lunch and hung out. I miss seeing them at work every day!

So, all in all, things are going great around here. Travis has been working short days. As soon as he gets home, he makes a bee-line for the shower. As soon as he gets out, he grabs up little Catherine and only gives her back to me for bath time!

We can't wait for the girls to get home so we can have some more family time. But, I am so grateful for all of the help my mom has given us. We needed a couple of days to get things with Catherine under control.

Nothing super exciting, but that's what's going on around here. (I am too lazy holding my sweetie to get up and find my camera cord. I will post pictures soon!)


Sarah Fries said...

I can't believe she has 2 teeth coming in! That is so crazy! I'm glad you are slowly settling into things! Hope to see you all soon.

Molly said...

Maybe there are a couple of little dentist in your future. Glad you guys are doing good.

The Campell's said...

Glad to hear all is well. She is perfect just like Emma and Hannah!! I can't wait to get up there to see her! So be ready. I'll be up in a few weeks for some special time with my girls!!! Love you all!

Aunt Candi