Monday, July 13, 2009

Go Naturals!

Saturday night, we went to a Naturals Game. This is their second season and the first time we have gone. was time.

**If you were around Saturday night, you know how hot it was...this preggo was SWEAT---ING!

We didn't have any Naturals attire (it's ashame...I KNOW!). So, we got to the game early enough to buy some. Emma thought it was "an ugly boy shirt" and Hannah follow suit. So, the girls did NOT show their support through their clothing selection.

We had so much fun. We ate tons of fun ballpark food, had snow cones (Hannah OBVIOUSLY had a blue one), and cheered loud.

We were on the front row behind the visitors dugout. Emma got a ball and Hannah got a towel. They were SO excited. They also go up close and personal with Strike the mascot. But, I could NOT get either of them to take a picture with him...he's kinda furry and scary!

Despite the heat and the late night, everyone had fun. We will be back next year to cheer on the Nats!

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Sarah Fries said...

Hannah's mouth made me laugh out loud! Lynlee loves the Natural's games!