Thursday, July 30, 2009

I love my baby legs!

Catherine has become one of the most laid back (sleepy) babies EVER! She is so happy when she's awake..

(I mean...I guess she is. It's not like she tells me, but if a baby isn't screaming, I would say they are happy.)

She LOVES her daddy! I love Baby Legs! These are quite possibly the best invention ever. Catherine's are a little big, but they keep her from fussing during diaper changes and are so darn cute!

Enjoy the pics of my little babe! BTW, the big girls will be home tomorrow! YAY! Lots of pics to come this weekend of all three girls!

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The Mills- Wes, Jen, and Aubri said...

I am a lover of Baby Legs too! They are so cute! And all the different designs..oh my! I wish they still fit Aubri but her thighs are MUCH too big now! Ha! Got to love those chubbs though! Congrats on your new Itty Bitty!