Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ramblings of "That Mom"

Clothes are laid out. Hair is dried. Lunchbox is ready for lunch to be packed. Girls are snuggled in bed.

Why am I still wide awake!?

I know Emma will be great. She has never had a problem being away from us and other than taking about 3 minutes to come out of her shell, she is very social and well-behaved. So, why am I worried?

Yesterday, taking her to school was great. The classrooms are cute and all the teachers are so kind. But, she is SO small compared to other kids. I kept seeing these older kids running around the building and I just feel like she is still too little.

I never EVER thought I would be "that mom". You know the mom I am talking about. The one that has a hard time letting go. But, it seems that I am "that mom". I am "that mom" who keeps reminiscing back to when her kindergartner was a baby. I am "that mom" that will probably cry when I drop her off. I am "that mom" who will count down the minutes until time to go get her.

For those of you that know me, you know that I am just not a really emotional person. I keep a lot inside and try to stay "tough". When I am worried, I make jokes. (I have been cracking jokes with Ems all day about her first day of school) But, inside I think tomorrow is going to break me!

I am going to be the mom that takes my daughters picture before we leave, outside of the school, inside of the classroom, etc. I will also be the mom that sticks around until they say "Time to go!" I am sure Emma is going to be ready for me to get out of her hair and let her play with her new friends in her new kindergarten life.

I will try to hold back the tears tomorrow morning. They will be tears of joy, tears of pride and a little bit of worry. I know Emma will be great. I know Emma will be able to handle it, but will I?


The Slaughters said...

Ok, make me feel like poo. I was so excited when the girls when back to school... excited for THEM and ME! You are so sweet. Maybe I'll try to muster up a tear tomorrow. I don't think it's going to work, though. : (

Sarah Fries said...

Awe, I'm not ready for that day either! I hope all goes well...you can do it!

Rachel said...

Oh sweetie - I feel you, I am sooooo that mom =)! I hope everything went okay this morning...I am thinking about ya =

The Mills- Wes, Jen, and Aubri said...

That made me tear up a little! I have the same problem...letting my little one go to the church nursery for an hour, once a week. I can't imagine a full day, 5 days a week!! I'll say a prayer for y'all!