Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Birthday fun

...with no pictures of the birthday boy! OOPS!

Nevertheless, let's time travel again...

Travis's birthday was the 25th. We started celebrating on Saturday. The girls and I woke up and cooked him a special birthday breakfast of this awesome colored pancakes.

(I stole the idea from Angela and it was SO fun!)

We spent the rest of the day just playing and watching football. We seriously did NOTHING else. Saturday night, we took him out to eat at Las Fajitas (Hannah picked the place...not sure why since it was HIS birthday). It was chaos. It's ALWAYS chaos when we go to dinner.

Sunday afternoon, Travis's mom came over and brought him some birthday gifts. Then, she watched the girls for a couple of hours, while Travis and I went shopping and ate lunch together (with a little less chaos).

Monday was Travis's actual birthday. It was a work day...YUCK! But, I left early to pick up his birthday cake. He actually ended up working late. So, I fed the girls and bathed them before he got home. Catherine went to bed because she was sleepy...and grouchy!

When Travis got home, we did his birthday in reverse. The girls and I sang to him and let him blow out his candles. Then, they ate some cake. After we watched Travis open his gifts, the girls went to bed. Travis and I ate steak and baked potatoes for dinner.

Even though his actual day was pretty hectic, I know he had a great birthday.

Travis, I love you so much. I hope you had a wonderful birthday. The girls and I would be lost without you, the man in our lives. You are a wonderful father and husband. Love, Boni

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