Friday, October 8, 2010

My a Facebook Status

I always post stuff on facebook and forget to post about it on my blog. So, in the attempt to "archive" what has been going on for the past two months in our house, here are my status updates:

8/1/2010: Just watch Beauty and the Beast at the WAC with the girls. They loved it! Hannah cried when it was time to go! I'm so glad they like plays as much as I do!

8/3/2010: Pretty sure the fussiest baby in the world lives at my house. This is one of those early bedtime nights.

8/4/2010: Thinks folding clothes is the worst chore ever! I would rather clean up vomit!

8/5/2010: Don't want to be "that" mom, but Emma's soccer coach is a JERK!

8/8/2010: Emma just brought Catherine out of her room into the living room. As she was carrying her, she said "I wish we had a cage for Catherine."

8/12/2010: Hannah just told me that today her name is "Tea-Topper" and we should not call her Hannah anymore. Where does she come up with this stuff?

8/12/2010: Shopping for school clothes for Emma is NOT going well. This plaid punk style is not for us.

8/14/2010:  hate cleaning on the weekends. What should take two hours takes four because my munchkins are tearing apart the rooms I'm not cleaning!

8/19/2010: Cannot believe my sweet Emma is a first grader!

8/19/2010: FINALLY! Emma is not the only one at soccer practice with a matching hairbow! The other girl is on another team, but I'm lovin' her soccer style!

8/20/2010: Sick baby = no trip to Hot Springs for a fun weekend on the lake. We are going to miss you, Honey and Daddy Brooks!

8/22/2010: Pretty sure the baby child is feeling better. She just colored on the living room wall. Is age 1 year too young to give her a magic eraser and make her clean off her art work?

8/24/2010: Catherine's new favorite word is "UH OH". It's really cute until she throws her dinner across the kitchen and immediately yells "UH OH!"

8/25/2010: I have FOUR tickets to the first Razorback game for sale! Gate 14, Sect 513, Row 11. Message me if you're interested!

8/26/2010: Why is it the days I'm in the biggest rush that I my low fuel notification comes on? Never fails!

8/28/2010: Williamson girls first soccer games this morning! YAY!

8/29/2010: Is it nap time yet????

8/30/2010: Only took Catherine three nose dives off the couch to finally figure out how to get down safely.

8/31/2010: "Well, I've been saved by the grace of southern charm. I've got a mouth like a sailor and yours is more like a Hallmark card. If you wanna pick a fight, well, I'm gonna have to say good night. I don't have to be hateful, I can just say "Bless Your Heart"....I'm just like you...only prettier"

9/2/2010: Hannah sleep walks! I woke up about 4 this morning because I heard her get up. I found her laying in the middle of the living room floor asleep. I took her back to her room and when I got up this morning, I found her asleep in Catherine's floor. Does this mean sub-conscienciously she thinks the floor is more comfortable than her bed?

9/3/2010: CCR and Reckless Kelly tonight, fun in the sun and Razorback game tomorrow...another fun weekend is here!!! Not to mention mine is a 4 day weekend!!!!


9/6/2010: Really should work on my driving skills. I made two of my three kids car sick on the way home! But, we made it home from a SUPER fun weekend at Honey and Daddy Brooks house!

9/7/2010: Nothing says dinner in a house where the Mommy hasn't been to the grocery store quite like Spaghetti O's and grilled cheese. (also an indication the there is a screaming 1-year old chasing around the afore mentioned Mommy)

9/10/2010: So sleepy!

9/11/2010: It's so weird that Catherine likes bologna better than anything else. I mean, it is all beef bologna, but that basically just means it's left over cow parts vs the left over pork and chicken parts. This is the child who refuses ice cream! (I'm not sure I can continue to claim her!) ;)

9/14/2010: Today is a day I REALLY wish my mom lived closer!

9/14/2010: Hannah just said "mommy, you have dirt under your eyes." (dark circles) then she said "maybe you've been working too hard and that's why you have dirt on your eyes".

9/16/2010: Note to self: Travis needs to be the one to teach our girls how to park a car...and drive one, for that matter.

9/16/2010: Can't find Emma's other soccer sock...just call me mother of the year and/or the most organized mother around!

9/18/2010: Is it bad that I feel like ALL.THIS soccer is ruining our weekend lives!? (this status got a TON of comments about me "enjoying it")

9/18/2010: All the laundry is washed and folded. Still can find the missing gold soccer sock from earlier this week...guess my dryer ate it.

9/19/2010: Four boxes of the girl's summer clothes packed up for storage. One box of Catherine's clothes packed up for a friend. Five trash bags of clothes loaded for the Children's Shelter. Four big walker/exersaucers in the car for the children's shelter. WOW! All that = one productive morning and four SUPER clean closets!

9/20/2010: The left lane on the by-pass is called the passing lane. It should be used for (wait for it)...PASSING! not cruising along at 55 mph in a 70mph speed zone.

9/23/2010: I really STINK at finding boy baby gifts. Everything I pick out is a little too frilly. Any thoughts from the boy-mamas? What is something boyish you recieved as a gift and swooned over?

9/24/2010: JUST GOT THE GOOOOLDEN TICKET!!! two tickets to the game tomorrow in the indoor club!!! YAY! GOOOOOOO HOGS! BEAT BAMA!

9/25/2010: Wooooo pig soooie! Leavin the tailgate to head to the game!!! Go hogs! BEAT BAMA!!!!

9/25/2010: How 'bout those hogs!?

9/25/2010: Such a heart breaker. But, so many fans are quick to bash us after a loss. I still love my hogs!!!! WPS!

10/1/2010: It's official. I'm a hunter's widow. :( good luck, Travis! We will miss you. (but, don't bring any dead animals home!)

10/2/2010: The child that refused shoes two weeks ago is now wearing footie pajamas and her ugg boots!

10/3/2010: We are watching "Say Yes to the Dress". Emma said "mommy, when I get married, please take me there to get my dress. I'm going to be a beautiful princess and that place will have MY princess dress!" Travis better start saving now...

Quite an interesting hodge podge of updates. There you have it..."The Thoughts of Boni" (at least those are the thoughts socially acceptable enough to appear on facebook...I've had TONS of unspoken thoughts)

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