Thursday, October 14, 2010

Razorbacks and Pumpkins

This weekend, we had a very Autumn-y weekend.

Saturday, we got all geared up to watch the Hogs. While the game was pretty sloppy, a win is a win. Here are my sweet girls looking just pretty in their football attire. (outfits courtesy of The Uptown Baby).

After the game, we loaded up and headed to the Brown's. It was SUCH nice weather. We sat on the porch watched the kids and dad's roast hot dogs in the fire, ate chili and drank some YUMM-O Sangria. The kids played with flashlights and the babies watched. Finally, it was time for some S'mores. Rachel had the best idea. Instead of using candy bars, she (actually, Amy, since she was closest to the fire!) smeared Nutella on the graham crakers. The kids LOVED them! A good time was had by all. (I'll update with pictures once I kidnap them from Rachel, since I never took my camera out!)

Sunday, we did the usual, house cleaning and grocery shopping. After everyone (except ME!) napped, we we to the pumpkin patch. We went to this cool new pumpkin patch where the corn maze was in the shape of a razorback! There was also a hay ride, a cow train, a couple goats and pigs and, of course, the pumpkin patch.

We all had a great time. I held our spot in line for the cow train (which was about a 30 minute wait!), while Travis took the girls into the pen with the goats and pigs. OH MY! It's a good thing they weren't born on a farm, because none of them were too fond of the animals. (Travis had the camera with him for pictures and no one has ever accused him of being a professional...or even good at getting pictures!)

Finally, it was Emma and Hannah's turn on the cow train. They were super excited.

Travis, Catherine and I stayed behind and went back into the pen to check out the goats and pigs. Catherine liked to look and point, but did NOT want those creatures near her! I am pretty sure Travis was trying to kiss the goat. And, it appears the goat was all too willing!

Once we got done on the cow train, we headed to the pumpkin patch to pick our pumpkins. First up, three attempts to get a group shot of the girls. Um...yeah right! (the last one, I guess Catherine was leaving)

Next, each of the girls picked their baby pumpkin and together we all picked out a big one. It was fun...but let me tell you...I was good with probably the third one we saw. Travis, on the other hand, was de.ter.mined to find the "best pumpkin in the place". It was starting to get a little hot, especially carrying Catherine and leaning down every 5 seconds to pick up her baby pumpkin that she was dropping throwing on the ground. Finally...we found the Williamson Family Pumpkin 2010 (soon to be come the Williamson Family Jack'o Lantern 2010).

All in all, we had a pretty good time at the pumpkin patch and made some great new memories with the girls.

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amywelborn said...

Fun times and CUTE pics!