Wednesday, January 12, 2011


This weekend, Claire, Emma's friend, FINALLY got to have her birthday party.

(It was scheduled before Christmas, but poor Claire ended up being sick. Then, with the Christmas hustle and bustle, there was no time.)

Claire had a Salon and Fashion Show Surprise Party. It was AMAZING! We really scared surprised Claire! After she recovered from the shock, it was time for make-overs!

Tara did wardrobe. Nicole did hair. Mandy did make-up. Rachel was the DJ and Kim served the girls punch (in champagne flutes) and snacks (chocolate covered strawberries).

After all the girls got make-overs, the fashion show began. They cranked up the music and each one modeled down the stairs and into a living room full of cheering Mommies. They were adorable!

(I actually was stunned at how grown up and beautiful they all looked. The teen years are going to be rough on this Mommy!)

I recorded the fashion shows, but those videos still need some work. I'll post those another time. For now, enjoy the pics. (Most were kidnapped from Tara's blog and facebook!)

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