Friday, January 14, 2011

Inside Looking Out

A few days ago, the girls were DYING to go out and play in what little snow that actually fell in NWA. So, Travis bundled Emma and Hannah up and sent them out back. They were having a BLAST!

Poor Catherine couldn't go out, so she stood at the sliding glass doors staring longingly yelling, "NANA! MEMA! NANA! NANANANANAAAAA!". Emma and Hannah came over and did what any loving sisters would do: Threw a snowball at the back door right where Catherine's face was.

Enjoy the video of Catherine's reaction.

(Yes, we put her BACK up there and let them do it again. But, please keep in mind the door is closed people. Plus, I wouldn't have much content for this blog if I didn't laugh when stuff like this happens!)

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