Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Glance Back...

I've seen a couple of other people do this on their blogs and I thought it was a really good idea. So, let's take a glance back at our 2010.

January - We had several snow storms that left the kids out of school for a week or two. We also found out that despite this smiling picture, Hannah takes after her Mommy and HATES the snow!

February - Travis and I went to the Bahamas! It was a much needed trip (for our marriage and my sanity!). I missed the girls dearly, but really enjoyed the one-on-one time with the hubs

March - It finally started warming up and we spent most of our time playing outside and enjoying the sneak peek of warmer weather.

April - HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANNAH AND HAPPY EASTER! Hannah's birthday was on Easter weekend, so we had an Abby Cadabby Party for her at Honey's and enjoyed Easter Sunday with them.

May - HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMA! Emma had her first sleep over birthday party at Embassy Suites.

June - Spent lots of time at the lake and pool with Honey, Daddy Brooks, Uncle Jon and Aunt Nicole. YAY SUMMER!

July - HAPPY BIRTHDAY CATHERINE! We went to the beach for a fun filled week and celebrated our youngest little girl's 1st birthday (tear).

August - Hannah and Emma had their first soccer games.

September - Bring on some Razorback football! Travis and I went to the Bama Game.

October - HALLOWEEN! The girls dressed up like characters from Scooby Doo and were SO CUTE!

November - THANKSGIVING! We had so much fun "kicking off" the Holiday Season with tons of food and family.

December - CHRISTMAS! What a wonderful one it was. Each one keeps getting better and better for our family.

As I looked back through my pictures and blog posts to write this, I realized how truly blessed we have been throughout 2010. While we have faced several challenges (most of which I blogged about), we have been blessed.

**Stay tuned for a NYE post packed with fun pictures!

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