Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Birthday Fun

A few weeks ago, Travis and I went with several other couples to Branson for Rachel's birthday. We stayed in A-MAZING condo and had a great time.

We got there Friday night. After we checked out the place, we sent the boys to get pizza. While they were gone, all the girls snuggled up in our jammies with a glass of wine and laughed the night away. Before we knew it, we were all starving and the boys still weren't back...it had been TWO hours!

Finally, they showed up with the pizza. Apparently they got lost, couldn't find the pizza place, etc. Turns out, they were starving too and on the way back to the condo, they ate the ENTIRE sausage pizza. That was the Birthday Girl's favorite and she was not happy! ha ha!

We spent the rest of the night, talking, dancing, laughing and enjoyed each others company.

The next day, we got up and cooked a yummy breakfast. Then, we split up from the boys and it was off to shop. We were shocked. The Landing was deserted!

We went to a couple of stores and decided to go eat lunch at Joe's Crab Shack. It was good.

They completely embarrassed Rachel on her birthday. First it was a big ol' bib and then they made her wear a cowboy hat and ride a stick horse around the restaurant. It was hilarious and Rachel was a great sport.

That night, we decorated for Rachel's "birthday party", too. The boys watched some guy movie in the theater room. So, we stayed upstairs. We put on our PJs (notice a trend here!?), had french martinis and gave Rachel her gifts.

Finally, the boys came upstairs. We cooked and danced the night away. It was SO fun! Later, Tara came up with a fun game of questions (written on paper plates) which were hilarious! We had a blast with everyone.

While we were gone, Honey and Daddy Brooks came and kept the girls. We were sad to leave on Sunday, but so glad to get home to the girls. We walked in and they barely noticed, but it was quite the tragedy when Honey and Daddy Brooks went to leave. :) It's always nice to know they have more fun with them than us...that's what grandparents are for, right?

The next weekend, it was Rachel's actual birthday. We went to celebrate with a little Mexican Food. There was a live band there that night. We ate, drank and sang the night away. Even, the kids had a blast!

It was fun celebrating with Rachel and her family!

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SoMo Mom said...

Oh my gosh, I'm lovin' the cute jammies. You guys look like you had a blast!! I have a weekend coming up in Charleston (minus the kids-YEHAW!)