Saturday, February 5, 2011

T-Total Craziness

So, the Hostage Situation went completely down hill on day 3! I had a conference call that morning and Travis had to meet with a builder.I's fine. I can totally make this work.

I asked Emma to watch Catherine. She said she could. I went in my room, got on the call and closed my door. A little bit later, I heard BANG BANG! Then, Catherine started yelling "HEEEY! MAAAAMA! HEEEEYYYYY!! MAMA! PEEASSS! IIIINNNN!" I am sure that was much appreciated on my call.

The girls did a little painting (Catherine used it like make-up), had a dance party in their room (which is a TOTAL mess right now) and just went a little nuts. I went a little camera happy. I am sure we did some more stuff around here...but its all a blur!

Finally, today, the sun came out and we were able to get out of the house. The girls got dressed in their cute outfits from Aunt Candi and Uncle Blake and we headed to the mall. We shopped a little, ate lunch and came home to nap. After nap, we went to Reece's birthday party at Fun City. The girls had a blast and ran off some energy.

I have been in bow making mode out of sheer boredom for fun. Hopefully the stuff that is supposed to hit tomorrow and Monday misses us. We just can't take much more togetherness winter in our house!

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