Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow, Super Bowl and More Snow

Last week, we had all that snow and ice that kept us indoors for about 4 days. Sunday, we decided to finally let Catherine go outside with the big girls and play a little.

Needless to say, she was NOT a fan. So, we were all forced glad to come back in to our jail cell warm house.

The girls were losing it...seriously, it was out of hand. Hannah was trying to RUN through the house in my rain boots. Emma was just wallowing (is that word? oh blog.) in the living room floor and Catherine was still crying from her traumatic snow experience.

I decided it was time to break out the big guns! We got this little ball pit for Catherine's birthday lasts year and just never blew it up. What a life saver it was on Sunday! The girls played in it and threw the balls all over Catherine's room. (I didn't even care about the messy chaos that was ensuing, at least no one was crying). But, I finally had to go break up the party when I caught Emma jumping from the rail on Catherine's crib into the pit...while Catherine was sitting in it!

We had planned on having a Super Bowl Party with the Browns. But, they were under the weather and the roads still weren't the best. However, the party MUST go on! I cooked up Little Hammies, Meat Dip and a Cookie Cake (okay okay. I didn't MAKE the cookie cake...I bought it. Details, details!). It was all super yummy and we had a fun little "party" of our own. But, we did miss our friends terribly!

Last night, we went to eat with the Browns as one "last supper" before another "4-6 inches" fell on our heads. We had a blast preparing ourselves (mostly mentally) to be stuck in the house for another couple of days.

Travis and I watched the weather last night before we went to bed. They upped our totals to 5-7 inches of snow. That was yucky, but what were we gonna do about it. (Besides letting our kids stay up too late, skip baths and Emma skip her homework...all sure fire plans for school NOT getting cancelled the next day!)

We got up this morning and it looked like this outside.

We already had 9-10 inches on the ground and the heart of the snow wasn't even here yet. WHAT!? As the day went on, the snow got deeper and deeper. It was more than I have ever seen before. It is craziness. The finally total (per our tape measure average from several spots in our front and back yard) is 20 inches (rounded up from 19.6).

This afternoon while Catherine was napping, we took Emma and Hannah outside. It was hilarious. Emma would just lay down in her trail through the snow because it was so hard for her to walk. Poor Hannah is so short, she couldnt' walk. She would just fall down and try to crawl out. Travis and I were laughing so hard at them we could hardly even rescue them. (Parenting at it's best right there!)

That lasted about 10 minutes and it was time to come back in. It is just too cold to be out there very long. Needless to say, we probably will not be going anywhere for the next couple of days. :( This is how Catherine feels about that... (And me too!)

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