Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The End

Today marked the end of an era in our house. Today was the last day I ever dropped Emma off as a 1st grader. (tear)

What a year we have had! It has been like a roller coaster ride this year. Emma, Travis and I have all three learned some valuable lessons and had some growing pains along the way. Travis and I have beamed with pride, laughed hysterically and wanted to pull our hair out because of those lessons. (I am sure Emma feels the same way.) But most of all, it has been a wonderful year.

As I was driving away from her school this morning, I couldn't believe it. How can she be finishing her last day as a 1st grader? How can I, as of 3 pm today, officially have a 2nd grader?

Here are pics from her first and last day of school this year. She has grown, matured and hopefully, gotten tons smarter! :)

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