Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

We had a great weekend this weekend. Pretty low key, but tons of outside fun!

Friday night, "Aunt" Tara decided she was brave enough to keep Emma, Hannah, Claire and Owen. So, she picked the kids up from our house and took them to dinner at La Huerta. They ate yummy Mexican food and shared some virgin strawberry daiquiris. Afterwards, they went to Tara and Drew's for a sleepover. My girls absolutely love Tara's style, so I am sure they were over the moon when Tara let them raid her closet and have a fashion show! They also baked a cake, watched Tangled and finally fell asleep. Thanks, Tara, for keeping them. They had SO much fun!

While the big girls were off having fun with Tara, Rachel, Shane, Bree, Travis, Catherine and I all went to eat at Joe's. Rachel and I were reminiscing about how hectic we thought life was with one kid. If we could go back and laugh at ourselves from then, we would. (Not bashing anyone with one kid...every season in life has it's challenges.)

Saturday morning, Travis, Catherine and I got up and headed to breakfast at Susan's. It is the best breakfast spot in NWA. Then, we ran down to the Fayetteville Farmer's Market and picked up my new bench for the kitchen from RiffRaff.

Side note: The kitchen is coming along and I will post before and after pics once it's done. I expect it to be done by mid-July!

After Tara brought the girls home, we played outside, napped, worked on some projects around the house and just enjoyed a lazy Saturday (complete with a two hour nap for this Mommy!).

Saturday night, we went to the Brown's for a cookout. Shane grilled up some yummy chicken for sandwiches, while the other men stood around watching him slave away. The kids got ice cream from the ice cream truck. We all hung out on the patio and ended the night with the Brown girls putting on a dance show for everyone. It was such a fun night.

Sunday, we got up, went to church and to lunch for Travis's favorite, BBQ. Beyond that, we spent the day getting ready for the week and most of all getting ready for our vacation next week! Woooohooo! Here is the only pic I snapped with my phone of T and the girls on Father's day. (Catherine was trying to run away...but such is life with her right now!)

If you missed my post all about Travis, you can see it here.

Hope everyone has a great week!

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