Wednesday, April 4, 2012

5 Years Old

My sweet Hannah Brooke turned 5 yesterday. We have been celebrating her birthday since Saturday, because...well...WHY NOT!? :)

Saturday morning, we got up and headed to Ft. Smith. Honey and Daddy Brooks were on their way to Portland, Oregon and were passing thru town. We met them for breakfast and Hannah got her first birthday present. Later this month, Honey, Emma, Hannah, Catherine and I will be at the Walton Arts Center watching Mary Poppins! Hannah is beyond excited for her girls night!

Saturday evening, GrandDa, Daddy Ben and cousin Travis stopped by for dinner and some fun outside. (I cannot BELIEVE that I didn't get my camera out!) They had been to Crystal Bridges for the day and brought KFC to the house for dinner. I made chocolate pie and we enjoyed getting to see them! They dropped a present off for Hannah, but she wasn't to open it until her birthday!

Sunday evening, Grammy, Uncle Jon and Aunt Nicole came over for Hannah's birthday party. One of Hannah's favorite things is to eat outside on the patio. During the dead of winter, if we get a peak of sun, she is begging to eat outside! So, since she had a big tea party last year, we opted for a small party and eating outside. She had the best time jumping on the trampoline and playing wall ball with everyone!

Tuesday, Hannah officially turned 5. Let me tell kids are always excited about their birthdays, just like their Mommy, but this girl has been on pins and needles for pretty much a year to turn 5. To Hannah, this is the magic age...the age of Kindergarten and tons of big girl stuff. We all woke up before her yesterday morning and woke her up together singing her the birthday song.

**funny story: Monday, on the way to school, I asked, "Han, what are you going to do on your very last day as a 4 year old!?" She was quietly thinking for probably a good 2 minutes. Finally she responded, "I'm gonna do 4 year old stuff."

After school, we picked the girls up. It's a tradition in our house that I will cook whatever you request on your birthday. We did things a little different this year. Hannah has been begging to go to Red Lobster for about 2 months now. So, on her special day, we headed to dinner at Red Lobster, just the five of us. We had so much fun as a family laughing, specifically about the random nicknames that Travis and I call the girls.

Finally, we made it home and Hannah got to open the presents that had been wrapped and teasing her for the past 12 hours! Keeping with the "big girl" theme, Hannah's "big" gift was a caboodle filled with REAL make-up. (No...not for every day, but to play dress up in). She also got the game TROUBLE! from her sisters. So, after bath, we had a little family game night and played her new game. It was a great ending to a great day!

Stay tuned later this week for Hannah's "Birthday Interview" and of course the traditional letter from mom. :)

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