Monday, October 8, 2012

Honey Visits for the Weekend

This weekend, we were so excited to have Honey come visit for the weekend. Travis went hunting and so we planned a fun girls weekend without him! (We still love you, Trav!)

Friday, Honey and I went to a VERY late lunch and did some quick shopping before she picked the girls up from school. Let me just tell you, my girls talked about Honey picking them up on Friday ALL.WEEK.LONG!

Friday night, we ate dinner at Mellow Mushroom and shopped a little. Then, we headed home to hang in our jammies. We ended up all piled up in Emma's bed playing "7 Little Words" on the iPad. All five of us...nice and cozy! :)

Saturday morning, we went to brunch at Bordino's the celebrate Kim's birthday. It was so fun to hang with all the girls. Afterwards, we went to the square to shop at some of our favorite stores. After brunch and shopping, we came home to take a little nap.


After nap and a quick wardrobe change, we headed to Tara's for her Razorback Glam Party...AND we got to celebrate a Hog Win! WPS! We had a blast and Tara's house was decorated so cute. It was extra fun having my mom in the mix.

Sunday, before Honey left, she did the best thing ever...CLEANED OUT MY FRIDGE! There is no before picture, but check-out how sparkly the after picture is!

We loved having Honey here to hang out and can't wait for her to come back again!

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Jordan Kirby said...

Where did you get your orange dress and black and grey chevron tunic? I love them!