Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Say Cheese with Suburban Strut

So, if you've been a long time reader, you may have noticed that I've started jumping in pictures with my family and friends more often that I used to. First of all, I need to thank Rachel and Tara for forcing asking me to get in pictures.

A few years ago, I would rather crawl in a hole than take pictures of myself. I am chubbier than I used to be and was much less confident with myself. I felt most comfortable behind the camera taking pictures of the girls and Travis.

I have never been more thankful that I have spent the last few years getting in the pictures as I was after my accident,, (read here for details). It was such a reminder that life is short. Now, I am not saying that my kids won't remember me when I am gone without the pictures.

But, I know they will be able to remember US at each stage in their lives much easier now that I am in more pictures. I want them to remember the funny faces we made together and how much Travis and I love each other. What better way than a bunch of pictures of us?

And, I can imagine when I am old and gray, I will look back on these and think, "Man...I wasn't so bad looking!" :) If I can give you any advice, it's take pictures and GET in pictures.

Remember, you are your toughest critic and your hubs and kids will think you are beautiful no matter how crazy the face you're making is!

I'm linking this post to the Suburban Strut Challenge.

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Connie said...

Great advice! You are beautiful and your kids WILL want to see pictures of you in teh GET IN THOSE PICTURES! Hope all is well with you!