Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dancing Queens

So, from the moment I found out I was having my first little girl, I envisioned years of dance and recitals. Imagine how giddy I am to have all THREE of my sweet girls in dance this year. And so far, they love it as much as I did!

Emma is taking Tap, Jazz and Ballet this year. It's a lot of dance, but she wanted to even throw a Hip-Hop class in there and I said No way! I haven't gotten watch her in ballet yet, but I am pleasantly surprised at just how much she LOVES ballet. She's a very good dancer, but from what I have seen, tap is definitely her thing. She is the star tapper in her class this year!

Hannah is taking tap and jazz. I tried to get her in ballet, but Travis and I also work. We already spend three nights a week at the dance studio and there was just no way to work it out this year. Maybe next year. She is in love with dance. I love to watch her because she is hilarious. That girl cannot take her eyes off herself in that room full of mirrors.

Catherine is taking ballet and tap. Oh my lands...this girl. She walked in her ballet class one day and with a straight face said to her teacher, "My name is Princess". Seriously, child!? Catherine has been DYING to start dance since watching her sisters last year. She loves her dance day (Wednesday) and gets mad when it's not her day.

I know you are probably thinking I am a nut having all three of them in dance. But, I can tell you that it is good for the girls. Emma was SO shy before, but she has quickly gotten over that. I think it helps them all to do something fun that they enjoy during the week. And, they know the rule, "School is your job. If you don't do good at 'your job', you can't do the fun things in life either."

I cannot WAIT until the dance JUNE!


Connie said...

So cute

Kimmie said...

I love the "School is your job.." quote...I'm writing it down! Also, I'm wore out for you and Travis. Yay for you guys doing all of these things for your girls. What great parents you are!