Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday's Music: Why I Blog

It's hard to believe that I started this blog in June 2007. We had only been a family of 4 for about 3 months at the time. I actually was prompted to start blogging because I loved to read my friend Molly's blog about her family so much. (She doesn't blog anymore. tear)

I don't keep a scrap book. I've tried. But, I am even sad to say that my girls baby books are lacking. GASP! Bad Mom! But, through this blog, I can upload pictures quickly and recap what is going on in our lives. I use this as an outlet. Sometimes it's funny. Sometimes I don't have a lot to say. Sometimes (rarely), it's serious. But, this is my hobby.

I blog mostly about what we have been up to in the Williamson house. Occasionally, I will put some of my thoughts on life on here. (like, here and here) I always wish I could find time to do that more often.

I absolutely love that our family reads this little blog and can stay connected in this crazy life that we are living. My grandparents are my most loyal readers! (Shoutout to GrandDa and DaddyBen!)

I've also made some of my best friends through blogging, Rachel and Tara. And, sometimes it's weird to know that I met my best friend on the internet. (When I went to meet her for the first time, Travis was all weirded out that she would be an ax murderer or something!)

But, more than all of that, I absolutely love to look back on this little blog and travel down memory lane. Sometimes, we all gather on the couch around the iPad and look through the pictures and watch the funny videos of the girls. It's our little digital scrapbook.

Some of their favorite posts include: Catherine's meltdown at Catfish hole, Catherine's fit on the beach, Emma's first time to water ski, Hannah calling herself "Hannah Pooh"....

And the all time favorite of the entire family....this little Friday's Music video of Hannah.

We all watch that thing over and over and laugh every single time! And, that is why I just love our little spot on the internet. Happy Friday!

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P!nky said...

When I have kids, I really hope I can keep a blog for family to read and to use as a baby book of sorts.

Your family is beautiful :)!