Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tea Party and Post Bath Fun

Last night, it was a typical night in the Williamson household. We cooked dinner and played. Emma decided that she and Hannah should play tea party. So, we pulled the Princess Table into the living room and they went after it. Emma ran in her room to get a spoon for the "sugar" and when she came back, Hannah was ON TOP OF THE TABLE! Emma told Hannah, "That is NOT how you play tea party!". We got Hannah down and then she threw all the cups and plates on the floor. Emma decided that she would just leave Hannah to her destruction and find something else to play with.

(Notice the destruction left behind!)

After bath, Emma want to play Hide 'n Seek. She kept hiding behind our transparent curtains! I thought these pictures were cute. Travis and Emma played Hide n' Seek and Hannah and I played Tickle Monster. This is just a peek of our typical nights at home! Enjoy!

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Molly said...

Cute pictures! Glad Hannah doesn't have pink eye. Cameron had eye trouble this past weekend too. I think we have the same curtains. ha!