Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Poor Baby Girl!

This morning, I woke Hannah up to get her ready for school and below is what I found! POOR THING!

Travis is the one who corks out when something is wrong with the girls...especially with eyes, so he was having a "freak-out" moment. Luckily I was there to keep things calm and rational (who would have thought I would be the calm and rational one!). I am not sure she even noticed, because she was laughing and trying to get in her highchair for breakfast! Travis and I took a warm washcloth and cleaned the gunk out so she could at least open her eye. I was worried it was pink eye, but luckily, when we got it open, it's all clear. I believe it's just allergies. Emma was so sweet. She was trying to console Hannah while we were wiping out her eye. She is the best big sister ever. By the time we left for school, her eye was opened and the swelling had gone WAY down, not quite back to normal, but close.

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