Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Williamson Weekend

This weekend was pretty low key for us. Friday night, Jamie and Cassidie came over. We spend the evening in the garage trying to get everything priced and ready for the garage sell Saturday morning. I never realized how much stuff the kids accumulate over a 6 month period. Yes, I cleaned out their closets and toy boxes about 6 months ago and gave everything to the Samaritan House. Needless to say, our garage sell was not lacking in the least.

So, Saturday morning, Travis went turkey hunting and I got ready for the big sell. The girls went to Lisa's for the day. Thanks, Lisa, for keeping them. They had a great time. It was VERY windy and Jamie and I had a hard time keeping things on the tables. However, the garage sell went well and we got rid of most of our stuff, including Hannah's bulky high chair. Travis is taking the rest to the Samaritan House this week. Saturday night, we just hung around the house.

This morning, we got up and realized that we didn't have any where for Hannah to sit a breakfast, because I hadn't gone to get her booster chair yet. So, Emma came up with the idea that we should just let Hannah sit at the princess table with her. Here are a few pictures from breakfast and lunch. Other than the garage sell and our weekly trip to Walmart and Sam's, we didn't do much this weekend. It was very relaxing!

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