Monday, April 7, 2008

Beautiful Weekend in NWA

This weekend was absolutely beautiful in NWA. Saturday morning, Travis had to go grout a floor. The girls and I slept in. We got up and ate breakfast. Afterwards, they were so busy playing, I decided to take advantage and clean out their closets and rearrange their rooms. I got so much done! I also found so much junk, I decided that I should have a garage sale next weekend (wish me luck) because one person's trash is another's treasure! After that, we took a nap. Hannah decided she was too big for a nap Saturday (big mistake). After nap, we went outside. Emma was pulling Hannah in her wagon around in circles. Hannah was holding on for dear life! Then, Jamie and Parker came over. We put the babies in the wagon, Emma rode her tricycle and we went for a walk. Then, we went to play in the backyard to swing and slide. Hannah was not a happy camper, since she skipped her nap! But, we had a great day Saturday.

Sunday, Travis and I cleaned out the garage and worked in the yard. We got so much done. Everything out front is trimmed down and the flower beds are ready for flowers! I have this beautiful rose bush out in front of the front porch that desperately needed to be trimmed. Travis ran up to the gas station to get gas for the lawn mower and weedeater. I decided to be productive while he was gone. So, I got the "trimmers" and started snipping away. Please keep in mind the most yard work I have ever done in my life was when my dad would make Jon and I pick up sticks out front before he mowed...
There are about 5-6 stalks on this bush that needed to be cut. I cut the first 4 and nothing fell because it was all tangled up together at the top. When I cut the last stalk, all of them came crashing down on my head. Imagine this: The thorns were stuck in my hair! So, I danced around the front yard trying to get the stalks out of my hair without doing too much damage to the top of my head, my face or my hands and arms. Needless to say, in the "Battle with the Rose Bush", it won! I have scratches all down my arms, a few on my forehead and lots on the top of my head in my hair! I better leave the pruning to Travis from now on!

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