Monday, April 14, 2008

Oh Emma!

First, I would like to apologize out here for everyone to hear to my parents. I am so sorry for all the "Unspoken Thoughts" I should have had all these years! Enjoy the funny below!

This morning, we were getting ready to walk out of the door. I had my hands full and asked Emma if she could please grab Hannah's sippy cup and my orange on her way out of the door. Here is how the conversations went:

Mommy: "Emma, Please grab my orange and Hannah's sippy and let's go."
Emma: "Here Mommy" (trying to hand them to me)
Mommy: "Emma, My hands are full, can you carry them to the car for me?"
Emma: "Sure."

A few steps closer to the door:

Emma: "Mommy, can you get this stuff?"
Mommy: "Emma Claire. I said my hands are many times do I have to ask you to carry those to the car?"
Emma: (walking behind me and mumbling under her breath) "Two or three probably."

Yes, you got it right, she had a smarty pants moment and I heard her! Although I was laughing on the inside, I did get her in trouble. She isn't even 4 and it's already starting...REALLY?! As my mom used to say: "Out of the mouths of babes..." I can feel already that the teenage years are going to try my soul!

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