Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's a...

Today, Travis and I headed to the doctor for our ultrasound. We debated on taking the girls, but decided that we would just show them the DVD when we got home.

So, we watched our little bundle of joy kick around and act wild, which is expected of Williamson children! The baby is breech, but that doesn't really matter since I have a c-section scheduled.

We found out that we are having another SWEET LITTLE GIRL! Her name is going to be Catherine Grace. She is absolutely perfect. Her heart rate was 144 and she already weighs 12 ozs.

It was a shock at first and all I could think was THREE WEDDINGS, WOWEE! But, as soon as they turned the monitor on to hear her heart beat, I teared up and Travis broke into the biggest grin!

We are super excited. I am feeling great and will MAYBE post a baby bump pic soon.

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