Sunday, March 8, 2009

Hot Springs Fun

This past weekend, we went to Hot Springs to visit Honey and Daddy Brooks and celebrate my birthday.

We had a great time Friday night just grilling out and eating burgers.

Saturday, Mom, Dad, Jon, Nicole, Travis and I all went to the horse races. This is my favorite birthday tradition. We had a blast. Nicole had the best luck of anyone by just choosing the horse with the best name, i.e. Prom Shoes, Classy Dresser, etc. These horses were usually the long shots, so paid the best. The girls had a blast hanging out with GrandDa and Daddy Ben all afternoon. Overall, it was a super fun day!

We came back and cooked fish. Then, Dad and I had to whip everyone at a game or two of baggo out by the pool. Emma was tired, so she wanted to lay in Honey's bed and watch Hannah Montana (I am pretty sure she was asleep in about 2 seconds).

Sunday, we headed to brunch at the Arlington. I love love LOVE going to brunch at the Arlington. This is the first time we have taken the girls. They weren't overly enthused with it, but they just haven't learned to love Eggs Benedict, Locks and Capers...I am sure they will!

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