Thursday, March 26, 2009

Potty Progress

WARNING: If talking about a child's bathroom habits grosses you out, this post is not for you!

If you recall this post, I said I would have Hannah potty trained by her birthday. Well, her birthday is next Friday.

Thing were cutting it a little tight to reach my goal, but I am stubborn and proud to announce:

TUESDAY: Hannah had only 3 wet diapers at school all day. She teeteed and poopied in the potty every other time!

WEDNESDAY: Hannah had one wet diaper! She went in the potty every single time that day, but didn't want to poopie in the potty.

I am so proud of my girl! Tomorrow, I am picking her up and we are going to pick out big girl panties to practice with this weekend!

I am sure many of you are wondering did you make this happen with that stubborn STUBBORN child? My friends, this is top secret, but the way to get my child to do something is easy...


Yes, I give her candy when she does well. Have I created a monster, probably. But, at least my monster will be out of diapers!

So, last night, I was telling her how we were going to go together to pick out special big girl panties. The conversation went like this:

Mommy: HANNAH! I am so proud of you for using the potty. I will pick you up tomorrow and just you and I will go pick you out some special big girl panties. But, you can't potty in them or we will have to throw them away! You don't' want to throw them away do you?

Hannah: NOoooooo! I wub big gul panties!

Mommy: Good! And before you know it, you can wear just panties and give your diapers to Catherine, because you are a big girl and don't need them.

Hannah: Wiiiit (right)! And we get big gul panties and no fro (throw) dem away and get some mo' canies (candy)!

(Yes, she will probably be five and still asking for candy after she potties, but's better than five and in diapers...isnt it?)


Bev said...

I have noticed a trend here where you update your blog in the middle of the day. Are you PAID to do this? I want your job! Actually, I'm just jealous because your blogs are sooooo cute and you won't teach me how to do this! PLEASE!!!!

Molly said...

Way to go Hannah...and you too Boni. We are nowhere near there yet! And don't feel bad, I'll use candy if need be too. It was great having lunch with you today. We have to get together more often.