Friday, March 20, 2009

Monsters Vs Aliens

Wednesday night, we got to go to a pre-screening for Monsters Vs Aliens. The company I work for makes the video game and this is one of the perks!
Before the movie, we met the Peschel Fam for quick dinner at the Promenade. Emma and Ashton played more than they ate and rode the carousel. Hannah did NOT want to ride it.

The movie is 3D and it has great effects. It's a very VERY cute movie and I recommend everyone watching it (then go to Walmart and buy the game!).

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Bev said...

PLEASE teach me how to do this better! Your blog is SOOOO cute (of course, your kids are too). I have blog envy!

I love you. Tell Emma and Hannah the GREATEST Aunt says Hey!