Saturday, August 1, 2009

They're BAAAACK!

Emma and Hannah made it back yesterday. Sue was SO sweet to meet my mom in Russellville to pick them up and bring them back up here for me. THANKS, AUNT SUE!

All I have heard about is the fun time they had in Hot Springs. Honey and Daddy Brooks took them to a movie on Tuesday evening and then they swam until dark.

Wednesday, they went to Magic Springs. They had a blast, but I heard they got rained out before they got to finish the day.

That night, the girls had a fun dinner with GrandDa and Daddy Ben at Red Lobster.

Thursday, they headed to the Mid-America Museum. Again, I heard how much fun they had exploring all the exhibits. Then, they ate lunch at Chic-Fil-A...and of course hit up the play place.

Friday, it was time to come home and I hate to say they were a little disappointed! But, we will be back soon and I am sure Honey and Daddy Brooks need to use the weekend to rest up from chasing my monkeys around!

Since they have been home...we have done a lot of this:


Molly said...

They look so big holding their baby sister. Glad they had fun with their grandparents their while you had some time to adjust. Brooks and Susan were always a lot of fun!

Lynette (Maxwell) Mitchell said...

OMGoodness Boni! I totally saw your girls in Red Lobster. Rodger and I were sitting in the lobby waiting to be seated and I saw them sitting across from me. I didn't recognize them from their pictures but I do remember thinking "She (Emma) sure looks like Boni when we were in elem." Small world!