Thursday, September 3, 2009

Emma's School Update

My sweet Emma! She is doing so well in school and loves it so much. While I do miss having her around the house during the day, Hannah, Catherine and I have a blast. We look forward to picking her up every day.

Last week, we went to her open house. Her teacher, Mrs. B, went over all the things they do during the week and all the things they are going to be learning. Although Emma already knows A LOT of the stuff on the schedule for this quarter, I am really excited that she is going to be learning to read.

She loves her teacher and loves her class. She has an activity period every day where they go to Music, PE, Computer Lab, Library and things like that. Much to my dismay, she has to wear tennis shoes to PE. (I HATE tennis shoes!) So, that took some adjusting for this Mommy trying to make her outfits look cute while wearing her tennis shoes...eek!

Emma is still a great big sister. She loves both of her sisters so much. I tried to take some pictures of all three of them was not pretty! These are the best two that I could get...

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Molly said...

I know what you mean about the tennis shoes. I've given in though, and most of the kids here wear them with everything. They can't wear sandals or flip flops because of recess accidents either. You'll get used to it. Precious pictures as always!!