Thursday, September 24, 2009


Hey, guys! It's me, Catherine!

I am two months old and I am pretty sure my Mommy forgot to post about how wonderfully I am doing. So, while she is trying to keep the tons and tons of laundry done, I stole her computer.

I am so happy in my house and love my new school. Sometimes, I miss my Mommy and Daddy, but my big sister, Hannah, comes to give me kisses and makes it all better. I love when we get home and my other big sister, Emma, rubs my belly (which is growing so fast!).

My Mommy, Daddy and both sisters talk to me all the time. I usually squeak out a coo, squirm around and flash a smile just to give them something to cheer about. And, boy do they! But, I will not show my dimples for the camera yet...I have to make sure the world is ready for this gorgeous smile first!

My sisters are REALLY loud all the time, but while they are running around, I love to sit and watch them. They make me sleepy. I have no problem tuning them out and taking a little siesta either.

So, that's about it. I am two months old and tomorrow I am going to see Dr. Lovell. I am SURE my Mommy will update tomorrow with stats. (she will also put some better pictures on here...these were taken after an exhausting day with my friends at my new school)

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