Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fun with Reece and the "Poop Face"

Last week, Hannah, Catherine and I went to Meredith's to see her beautiful new wood floors and play with Reecey Baby (Hannah calls him that).

We had so much fun. Reece was fascinated with Catherine and Hannah LOVES her Reecey Baby. Meredith cooked a good lunch of turkey burgers and Velveeta shells and cheese. We chatted for a while and the babies mostly slept.

Reece kept pulling Catherine's headband off, so I put it on him. He didn't even see phased by it! I know his daddy would LOVE this picture. HA!

Today, Catherine was in a pretty good mood while I was changing her diaper and getting her dressed, so I whipped out the camera. I got some good pictures of the many faces of Catherine.

I even caught the "poop face" in action! IT'S HILARIOUS!

Hannah came strutting in to the room with two purses, some heels and was gabbing it up on her phone to her Daddy. She is so funny!

Emma was at school, but I will do a post all about her tomorrow...she is doing great!

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Andrea said...

Hey Boni - The clothes Kiana has on in her photo shoot are made locally by Heather Lanker - the brand is Heather Hill Clothing. She is going to have her website up soon - www.heatherhillclothing.com, but until then she has clothes at the Interiors Galleria by the Pleasant Grove Wal-Mart.

I need to get some myself!!!