Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

This past weekend, we loaded up and headed to Hot Springs. Uncle Jon's birthday was last week and we went on Friday night to celebrate it with him. We brought him a yummy cookie cake.

Honey and Daddy Brooks cooked yummy burgers on the grill and we all pigged out on cookie. Aunt Nicole got to love up on the girls and was SO good with Catherine.

My mom took over night time duty with Catherine (which she is only waking up once a night, so it's not too bad.) It was SO nice to sleep through the night for a change! Friday night, Honey TOTALLY had the touch and Catherine slept through the night! TEN HOURS! I got up and they were outside rocking and looking out at the lake. So sweet!

The girls and Honey cooked waffles for breakfast. Yes, the bowl of mix is on the floor...that's how they do it at Honey's house! YUM YUM!
Saturday, we swam and hung out by the pool. Catherine was not a fan...
GrandDa, Daddy Ben, Aunt Bev and Michael all came over. GrandDa just LOVED holding her THIRD great-granddaughter. She even managed to keep her sleeping while getting on to the football players we were watching! ha!

Sunday, the girls made cupcakes in their CUTE aprons that Mrs. Maude made them!
Then, they went outside and swam with Daddy Brooks while we packed and got ready to head home. It was a great visit with everyone.

Monday, we played outside A LOT and went for a walk after dinner. It was such a nice weekend to spend with everyone!

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