Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's time...

Time for me to get adjusted to another new normal. Monday, I go back to work.

I am a really bad stay-at-home mom. My house should be immaculate, laundry washed and folded and dinner should be ready each night (at least that is what I envisioned when I started my maternity leave).

My house is clean. Although, the living room is always littered with toys. My laundry is washed, however rarely folded. And, dinner...ha! I cooked better meals when I was working.

But, I have so enjoyed the time with my three sweets!

I get to pick Emma up from school every day. As soon as she sees my car, she waves and runs to the car. I love being the first one to see that smiling face and hear about how much she loves her school! I love (kinda) her giving me directions home (she's such a backseat driver!).

I get to spend endless hours playing babies and grocery with Hannah. I love letting her climb on the counter and help me fix our lunch or make special deserts for Daddy and Emma! I love hearing her decide what her name will be for the day (Today she is insisting that I call her "Bubbles". not sure why)

Catherine...she has changed so much since she first came into the world. I love being the one that she wants to hold her ALL.THE.TIME! I am so grateful that she is on a good schedule and is sleeping from 8:30-5. I love laying her on my legs, blogging and having our good mother-daughter conversations. (which is what we are doing right now!)

I am going to miss all these things so dearly. But, I am not a good stay-at-home mom. It's the hardest job ever! I need a schedule, a plan every day. Staying at home, I do not do that. So, while I am going to miss being with my sweets every day, I am ready. Ready to get back to work. (Don't judge...that's just what works for me and my family).

So, its time for another new normal for our family of five.

(Think about me on Monday...hopefully we can all make it out of the house and to work/school on time! AHH!)


Rachel said...

Goodluck!! For the first time ever, I really do not want to go back to work...and I work from home! I know I sound like a big brat - but we have even more responsibilty with a newborn and now a kid in school...

Oh well, gotta get over it =). I guess this is my post baby meltdown =)!

Kimmie said...

Girl, I feel ya! I am a better mom and wife when I'm working. I have to have the routine and I feel more productive when I work. Good luck on Monday!