Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Birthdays Galore

August is SUCH a busy birthday month around here! Cristin celebrated her THIRTIETH birthday this weekend (and from what I hear did it in style in NYC! Can't wait to see those pics.) Happy birthday, Cristin!

Daddy Ben celebrated his birthday this month (not sure I can count that high, so we will just call it 50). Happy Birthday, Daddy Ben!

This weekend, we had two parties to go to. Emma's friend, Maddux, turned 8 and the sweetest blond-haired, blue eyed boy we know, Owen, turned 5.

First up was Maddux's party. We try to let the girls go to their own parties with their friends. So, Travis and the little girls went to hang out at his Mom's. I took Emma to Maddux's party at Fun City. Emma was so excited to see most of her friends again before school starts back this week. While she was partying with her friends, I ran home to put some finishing touches on the house. We had a showing this weekend. (Praying that they fell in love and will make an offer!)

Saturday evening, we went to Owen's party at Fast Lanes. He was so excited that it was his birthday and the party was great! The kids got to bowl, have pizza and cake, and play games. All of the kids and dads went into a little black light room with air cannons on each side. They split up and had a blast shooting at each other, while the moms (and babies) stayed outside watching. After they played two games, the dads came out sweating like crazy! Maybe they took it a little too serious.

After Owen's party, we went back to the Brown's to hang out. Nothing like good friends, fried chicken and good wine to make the perfect night. I haven't laughed that hard in months! It was such a great ending on a fun, busy day!

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